I wanted to make movies when I was a kid. I got to make three. They were low budget, I’m glad I got to do it, and I should warn you that it only paid twice. I’m proud of all three for various reasons. I studied literature and the popular arts, but the rest of my workdays were spent in retail or other day jobs. I had an aptitude for designing training programs and manuals.

I’ve had bylines for the now-defunct Sirens of Cinema magazine, the now-defunct blog Pop Damage, (knock on wood) Ultraculture, and (can I get an “OH HELL YEAH?”) The Joe Bob Briggs Fanzine. I’ve included some of the lighter fare under the Old Haunts page.

That pic is me. It’s from a burlesque literacy fundraiser at a bar that was yet another casualty of the pandemic. That’s where things are. The theater that played our first movie locally has shuttered for good. The place I attempted my first and only open-mic stand-up set is gone.

I planned on doing regular blogs on this site and then the pandemic threw me for a loop. Hope you’re hanging in there.

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